November 10, 2012

The Hamburger Bed

Aside from money, the other thing that fuels the world forward is food; every single soul needs life-giving sustenance to survive. Some like food so much they dedicate their careers to it, then there are those truly passionate about food. For these diehard fans there is the hamburger bed in which they’ll actually be able to slumber in this delicious meal while dreaming of their next great breakfast.

The hamburger bed is designed to resemble the classic all-American burger we all love to eat. The bed, like a plump all beef patty, has a circular shaped mattress so it keeps true to form unlike those other imitation beds. It has a height of 3 ft and is 8 ft in diameter which means it will comfortably fit almost any adult or man child. Besides the mattress, all other accessories on the hamburger bed are handmade. While the person comfortably snoozes on the all beef patty, they can cover themselves up with a nice thick slice of cheese and just cause we know there are picky eaters out there, the pickles and tomatoes come in the form of pillows so you can choose to leave them on the side. Aside from being on constant watch from the Hamburglar trying to steal your bed there’s no down side to sleeping in your favorite dish.

Note: This is a concept item, however the creator has said she’d sell it for $2321.77


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