July 11, 2012

Top 10 Highest ODI Wicket Taking Bowlers

Number of legend bowlers has showed their talent and some are still in the ground. History of cricket is full with too many talented bowlers but in them Some are memorable and their performance can not be forgettable. Top of the batsmen did not feel easy to face some bowlers. These bowlers are so dangerous and have taken the most wickets in their career. We have here the collection of Top 10 Highest Wicket Taking Bowlers.

1. M Muralitharan (SL) 

He was a spin master. He created too much trouble for the batsmen in his career. He joined his national team in 1993 and got retired in 2011. He played 350 matches anD got 534 wickets. He got  4 wickets 15 times and 5 wickets 10 times.

2. Wasim Akram (Pak) 

A legend in the world of cricket Wasim Akram is ranked at number 2 with his wickets 502. He was the first man who made the world record of highest wicket taker. He has a long career started from 1984 and he got retired in 2003. He was known as the master of swing. He got 4 wickets 17 times and 5 wickets 6 times.

3. Waqar Younis (Pak)

Waqar became famous with his in swinging yorker and fastest speed.He  is ranked here at number 3rd with his wickets 416. He was the fear for any batsman. In his career from 1989 to 2003 he played 262 matches. he got 4 wickets 17 times and 5 wickets 6 times. He is also known as “Bore wala express”.

4. Chaminda Vaas (SL)  

Main strike bowler of Sri Lanka Chaminda Vass has got 400 wickets with playing 322 matches. He is ranked at number 4. he got 4 wickets 9 times and 5 wickets 4 times in a match. His career started in 1994 and was ended in 2008.

5. Shaun Pollock (SA)  

shaun pollock did a superb job in his career. He has a span of 1996 to 2008. In his career he played 303 matches and got 393 wickets. He was so dangerous bowler with his tight line and length.

6. McGrath (Aus)

McGrath career was so bright. He was the consistent bowling line bowler. He created too much tension to the batsmen with his superb bowling. He has a long career from 1993 to 2007. In his 15 year’s career he played 250 matches and got 381 wickets. he got 4 wickets 9 times and 5 wickets 7 times in a match in his career

7. B Lee (Aus) 

Brett Lee is a destructive fastest bowler. He can damage the batting line of any team. With the help of his bowling speed he has got 380 wickets just in 200 matches. He started his career in 2000 ans is still performing. He got 4 wickets in a match 14 times and 5 wickets 9 times.

8. Shahid Afridi (Pak)

Shahid Afridi is still playing the cricket and has got yet 347 wickets in his career from 1996 to 2012. He played 347matches. He is a partnership breaker bowler. In his career he got 5 wickets 4 times and 4 wickets in a inning 8 times.His brief bowling information is given below. 

9. A Kumble (India) 

Indian Legend bowler Anil Kumble is included in this list he is ranked at number 9 with his 337 wickets. His careerWas started in 1990 and in 2007 he got retired. In his career he got 4 wickets 8 times and 5 wickets 2 times. Just viewthe bowling career of Kumble below.

10. ST Jayasuriya (SL)

Sri Lankan bowler ST Jawasuriya has got 323 wickets in his long career started from 1989 to 2011. In his career he played 445 matches. Jayasuriya got4 wickets in a inning 8 times and 5 wickets 4 times. The over all performance is given below.   



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