October 24, 2012

Most expensive and luxurious yacht

Moscow: The most expensive and the biggest yacht in the world is owned by world’s famous businessman Roman Abramovich, who pulled the boat in water in the summer of 2009. Eclipse, is the most luxurious yachts in the world.

Roman acquired 35 works of contemporary art; the yacht set BMD (ballistic missile defense) and a laser system that prevents shooting yacht video and photo cameras.

In addition to the “standard set” for super-yachts (cinema, spa, swimming pool, dance floor, bar, hairdresser, sauna, steam room, vip-cabins), the ship have also a small submarine that can quietly sail from the bottom of the ship.

Overall length is 167 meters and a maximum speed of 38 knots, making the Eclipse even the fastest super-yachts. The cost of the yacht was $ 540 million, and the daily cost her close to 100 thousand dollars. The crew of nine-deck yacht is about 80 people.

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