October 24, 2012

Pakistanis set new world records

LAHORE: Pakistanis continued to break world records at the Punjab Youth Festival on Sunday.

New world records were set in most martial arts kicks in three minutes, plug wiring, fastest chess set up, fastest time for cooking three chapattis (bread), pulling a truck by a mustache, fastest time for wearing a cricket kit, longest frog jump and most football headers.

The record for most kicks was set by Ahmad Amin Bodla, while the record of chess setup was broken by Mehar Gul. Mohammad Mansha broke the chappati making record.

Noman Anjum set the new world record in plug wiring. Mohammad Sadi a resident of Faisalabad set the world record of pulling a truck by a mustache. The record for football headers was set by Daniyal Gill and Qamar Zaman

Jaleel-ul-Ehasan sets world record in fastest time wearing a cricket kit. The longest frog jump record was broken by Nauman Rafique and Shiraz.

A team from the Guinness Book of World Records is present at the festival to verify the records.

On Saturday, the record for most people singing a national anthem was broken at the festival.



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