September 16, 2012

Govt. approves increase in petroleum prices by Rs6.82 per litre

 ISLAMABAD:  The finance ministry has approved increase in the petroleum prices by Rs6.82 per litre, SAMAA reports on Sunday.

After the approval, the new prices will be as under:

Petrol Rs106.72 per litre after increase of Rs6.82 per litre, High Octaine Rs137.96, Kerosene oil Rs104.68, High Speed Diesel Rs113.77 and Light Speed Diesel Rs99.27.

The price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) may witness a decline of Rs1.75 per litre.

On Saturday, the petroleum ministry submitted a summary to the finance ministry to notify the new prices from Monday.

The government had raised prices of HSD by Rs3.39 per litre whereas the price of petrol was slashed by Rs4.65 per litre last Sunday in line with the current fluctuation in global oil prices. - SAMAA


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