September 7, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan hopes he will help bring back filmmakers to Kashmir

Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, who wrapped up a nine-day shooting for a film in Kashmir, has expressed hope that his film will help bring back filmmakers to the valley, according to a report in the Times of India.

Khan was working on an untitled Yash Chopra film, which was widely shot in Kashmir.
“I am not so big but when people see the film made by a big banner with big names associated with it, people will come. I am hopeful of that,” Khan told the media before heading back to Mumbai.
The Bollywood superstar said he hoped more filmmakers will shoot at the venue which was once hugely popular, before the region was hit by conflict between the Kashmiri locals and the Indian government.
“Any aspect that is geographical, ideological or political, the reason I won’t comment on it in depth is that my knowledge is lacking. The biggest issue we have is that when people talk about things they don’t know,” Khan said, when asked about negative portrayal of Kashmir in Bollywood films
The actor said it is the filmmaker who finally decides the story to be conveyed through his movie.
On the negative portrayal of Muslims in some movies, the actor said his film ‘My Name Is Khan’ was an attempt to clear the misgiving about Islam and Muslims around the world.
“There are some people from our community who do wrong but that does not mean Islam or Muslims are wrong,” he added.
Talking about his maiden visit to Kashmir and the movie, Khan said the film is a story about eternal love.
Shah Rukh said that his Kashmir visit was long due. “It was a dream to come to Kashmir. My grandmother was from here and my father was very keen to bring me here. He died when I was just 15 so I was a bit sad to come here without him. People here have been very kind, patient and wonderful to me,” he said.
The film, which is yet to get a title, marks Yash Chopra’s return to Kashmir after a gap of almost three decades. He last shot Kabhie Kabhie and Silsila in the Valley.
Upon leaving Kashmir, Khan posted on Twitter: “Leaving Pahalgham. Learnt lıfe’s lesson in my forefathers land. Only beauty is not enuff u gotta be tough too to survive. I will be Insha Allah” - Dawn


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