September 16, 2012

Home Decorating Tips To Enliven Your Home

Surely we all want lovely homes but despite our want, we lack one thing or another that jolts our planning resulting in a poor outcome. Home decorating is an art, not a luxury. Just keep these handy tips in your mind as you plan home decor this autumn.

Have a budget and stick to it
Admittedly home decor would have been way easier if we had unlimited bucks, let us admit it that we all have a tight budget which we must stick to. It is wise to chalk out a budget and your requirements. Once this is done, plan what you want and how you can buy highest quality furniture accessories for your house.

Decide color scheming ahead of shopping
Nothing can be worse than a loud and mismatched color scheming of your living and bed room. While it is good to give your house a lively and joyful look, some people go for too pinching colors – a total eye sore! Avoid it. The tip is to get professional advice or test with many colors before choosing one.

Lamps & Lighting
Well-lit rooms with tad bits of shadows add a dreamy effect to your living and bed room. Focus specially on lamps. Choose inexpensive but quality lamps and decorative lights for the stairs, room corners, gallery and lawn.

Bathroom furnishings
Go online and look up bathroom tiles, styling and tips for designing. You will find an array of tile designs ranging from economical to expensive. Choose quality tiles from a reliable source.

Be careful to choose correct carpeting color
There is no such thing as the right carpet. If you want a free advice from me, avoid carpeting altogether. Instead go for marble or wooden floor to add beauty to your house but if you must choose carpets, test the colors beforehand and choose both style and quality that sync with your house decor.

Give a special focus to kids’ room
Kids’ room is one can't be ignored corner of your house and you will regret if you did not give it a special thought. There are literally 100s of online ideas and themes you can choose from. Paint the walls in a funky way with your kids’ favorite superhero or a cartoon character i.e. Cinderella, Nemo, Shrek, Ice Age etc. for starters.

Be creative, generate ideas
While you will find plenty of ideas online and from various magazines, no one can decide better than you about what your home needs. Take charge, think of ideas and be creative. Put clay pots beside window panes, add fresh flowers to vases to give an aromatic homely feel, put floating candles and flower petals in glass bowels and place a coffee table in living room. Follow your instinct, take all the time in the world and then decide for yourself. Choose the best for your house and revivify your house and soul. You would love it.



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