September 23, 2012

Pakistani student wins gold medal

ISLAMABAD: A Pakistani student from Balochistan has bagged gold medal in an international contest held in Turkmenistan leaving all the countries like Germany, Canada, Russia, England, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka behind.

M. Ubaidullah son of Haji Talib Din, a rice trader, is a class ninth student of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges, has brought home a gold medal from the International Computer Project Olympiad (ICPO) held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.
The competition was held on September 14 and 15 among students from 45 countries who presented 150 projects in the Olympiad.
Ubaidullah’s project that caught attention of participants, organisers and judges was regarding plant automation system; subsequently he was awarded 1st position in the hardware category.
His project P-Bot aims at saving plants in cold-flame or greenhouse setting, especially when someone wants to protect the plants at home in all the seasons. P-Bot automates the round-the-year tasks of plant care by means of its full-automatic cold flame and greenhouse routines.
The bot helps people save time in caring about plants and is power-thrift by powering itself by its solar cells. The microprocessors board optimizes the maximum energy possible to power the bot to fulfill its duties.
Upon arrival, Ubaidullah and project supervisor Halil Baris (Turkish teacher) both were received warmly because for their outstanding achievement that has brought pride and distinction to Pakistan.
Ubaidullah said: “International competitions are very important for the grooming of students. Tour of other countries not only gives confidence to the students but it also gives them opportunity to have interaction with students of other nations and learn from them.
“Although there is an impression that people of Balochistan are deprived of their rights but my success shows that if people would work hard, they can achieve anything in difficult condition,” he said.
Project Supervisor Halil Baris termed the success result of hard work and said that he was proud of his students.
It may be mentioned that ICPO is an international competition which brings the world’s best IT students together. It also serves to promote intercultural dialogue and cooperation, through the involvement of students and teachers from many different countries. - DAWN


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