September 26, 2012

Weekly inflation inches up

 ISLAMABAD, Sept 25: The weekly inflation rose marginally due to an increase in petrol prices of Rs6.52 per litre, for the week ending Sept 30, according to data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

According to the data, increase in weekly inflation was more for the higher income groups compared to the low income groups.
Ccompared to the previous week the combined income group witnessed an increase of 0.90 per cent, while the highest income earning more than Rs35,000 per month faced an inflationary impact of 1.06 per cent.
The inflation for upper mid level income group, earning between Rs18,001 and Rs35,000 per month, was 0.87 per cent higher than the previous week.
For the lower middle class earning between Rs8,001 and Rs12,000 per month, the weekly inflation was up 0.69 per cent, and for the lowest income bracket earning up to Rs8,000 per month, SPI increased 0.68 per cent against the previous week.
During the week under review, 20 items witnessed an increase in prices with major increase in the prices of onions and live farm chicken as their prices went up by around Rs10 per kilogram for the week, followed by an increase in petrol prices.
The prices of other items that witnessed increase in prices were cooked beef plate, long cloth, georgette, tea prepared, farm chicken eggs, kerosene oil, garlic, plain bread, shirting, irri-6 rice, potatoes, basmati broken rice, washed moong pulse, gur, mutton,wheat flour and washed mash pulse.
The prices of nine items witnessed a decline during the said week including bananas, tomatoes, diesel, sugar, LPG, loose vegetable ghee, wheat, loose red chillies powder and mustard oil.
However, the prices of 24 items remained unchanged in the week, which included beef, fresh milk, curd, milk powdered, packed cooking oil, packed vegetable ghee, washed masoor pulse, washed gram pulse, loose salt powdered, tea, cooked dal plate, cigarettes, lawn cloth, gents sandal, gents spring chappal, ladies sandal, electric charges, gas charges, firewood, energy savor 14 watts, washing soap, match box, local telephone calls and bath soap. - DAWN


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