September 2, 2012

Whiter Teeth Just At Home

By: May Rostom

We all want a great set of pearly whites. Whiter teeth boosts your confidence, lets you smile more and makes you over completely. Of course visiting the doctor to get them bleached would cost you a considerable amount of money, but trust me it’s worth every penny. Those of you, who hate going to the dentist’s office, try these home remedies today.

1. Baking powder: it’s been there for centuries and people have tried it at least once in their lives, baking soda works wonders with stained teeth. Just add water, brush your teeth, leave it on for 3 minutes, then rinse (tastes really bad though).

2. Salt and lemon: well, lemon and salt should taste better than the soda but be careful getting it on your gums; it might irritate them. Mix equal parts of lemon and salt to make a paste, then rub it on your teeth and leave it over night.

3. Orange peel: polish your teeth three times a day using the white side of the peel for a shiny set of teeth. Just make sure you don’t have any sores or sensitivity against citrus fruits (same goes to the lemon and salt paste.)

4. Strawberries: some people (Catherine Zeta Jones) claim that strawberries give a teeth whitening effect despite being red so give it a try, you can always swallow the strawberries if it doesn’t work.

5. Apple cider vinegar: being a weak acid, this kind of vinegar will whiten your teeth. It doesn’t taste so good so hold your breath while swishing it around your mouth. To go whiter, make a paste out of the vinegar, baking soda and salt (triple attack).

6. Teeth whitening kits: they’re inexpensive, available at major pharmacies and they're effective. Teeth whitening kits are available in many forms such as whitening gels, pens, strips and trays so ask your local pharmacist which would be best for you.

7. Saliva: some foods trigger saliva secretion, for example apples, pears, carrots, and sugar free gum. Saliva helps scrub off stains and neutralizes acids that cause tooth decay, so all in all saliva is good.

8. Prevention: prevention is key, steer clear from stuff like soda, chocolate, coffee, tea, cigarettes, and wine if you want to keep that brilliant glow. If you simply can’t resist, brush your teeth after every meal.

9. Floss: flossing should be part of your daily routine even if you don’t want whiter teeth. Flossing removes small food particles from in between your teeth and also helps remove the stains formed in those gaps.

10. Peroxide: using peroxide on your tooth brush is guaranteed to make your teeth whiter. Just consult your dentist first on the strength of the peroxide that should be used and be careful not to swallow it!

With these inexpensive tips, all you need to do now is SMILE.


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