September 1, 2012

Definition of Yourself !

By: Miral Osman

We go through a lot in our lives, when a moment could simply make us regret the past and neglect our existance. or could actually give us a reason of being there.

When you give in everything you've got and pause for a second,you realize that there's no come back. This is when you stop to question yourself: Is it you? or have you taken the wrong paths?

It takes only a moment, ONE moment could change it all.

The way we pursue happiness differs from one person to another.Some see it in their loved ones, children, family or a friend, some see it in acheivements as in work and money, others see it in tangable things as gifts, a good outing or a trip.

Its not about how you feel at the moment. Its about how much a certain moment could change your life for a while and that's when you reach a conclusion that you're HAPPY.

Never let a person take away your moment of please,because it always has to remain there to remind you of who you are and give you a reason to be alive.

Don't be afraid to change,as change won't always be to the worse.

Love (truely) with your heart and think (wisely) with your mind.

You should give in as much as you can ,but to an extent that doesn't change the beauty of who you really are. ( The beauty of YOURSELF ).


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