September 1, 2012

What Do Women Really Want

By May Rostom

For years now men have been asking the same question of what do women want, but unfortunately they couldn’t reach an answer. Mel Gibson made a film about it, writers have written plenty of books about it and even Google suggests it when you only type 'what do' in the search tab, making it the most challenging question ever.

What bothers me is why do you want to know what women want? Is it to manipulate/win over the next girl you see, since you already know what she’s thinking or is it to learn how to treat your woman the 'right' way? Well, newsflash bro whatever your reasons are, women don’t know what women want! Shocking? Not really since no one knows what men want.

This question as baffling as it may seem is too obvious to be true, women want what men want.  Men hate drama queens, they hate it when girls fake emotions or twist the truth one way or another, and well so do women.

Women want an honest man that won’t give you the 'it’s not you, it’s me' crap and that won’t be afraid to reveal the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth which is 'I think I'm lost' or 'I cried when I watched Lost season finale'.

Men and women love eye-candy, something pretty to look at and smells delicious that’s why women think that if we spend 3 hours at the beauty parlor each week to groom ourselves for you, then you men should suffer as well taking care of your  hair, clothes, and teeth no matter how homosexual it may appeal to you.

Any man wants his wife to cook, clean, turn him on (despite smelling like Dettol from all the cleaning), represent him and his family elegantly, laugh quietly, take care of more than one person at a time (that being herself, her husband and her kids), work, manage the house and allowance, raise kids and above all this, they want a woman to listen and understand them even if they don’t say anything.

Again, so do women. They don’t want men to clean or cook, just appreciate it when she does or offer to help (thus sharing the responsibilities). They want a man that can make them feel unique, wanted, hot and sexy even if she isn’t. They want a man that is proud to show her off and that can represent her well.

Women want a confident man that exhibits confidence in public and handles difficult situations easily. Women want a man that can be funny and make them laugh (not one that pretends to be funny and laughs at his own jokes). They want a man to listen to them even they don’t have a solution to their problem, they want a loyal man that would never cheat, they want a mysterious bad boy that is sensitive at the same time (not a drama queen), they want an ambitious guy that is in control just not controlling, they want someone to appreciate, listen, respect, comfort, validate and hold them all the time.

Now if you’re a man reading this probably thinking 'jeez, women want A LOT of things', read the previous sentence again and you’ll find that this is exactly what you want from a woman (give or take a couple extras).

Men and women should stop trying too hard. Expectations from both sexes ruined whatever it is that men and women once understood about each other. Men are expected not to cry, know every street like the back of their hands, say AND do the right thing, hold the door for you, dress appropriately for every event, pamper you all the time and win over your friends and family.

To meet these expectations, men have transformed into aliens. Most of the time they don’t say what they really mean, they do stuff just because they think women will like it and they put on masks to impress you while in fact they totally disfigured their actual personalities and appearance becoming aliens to women (they don’t speak a language you can understand and they look like strangers from the outside).

All of these 'expectations' led to disfigurement of both men and women equally but unfortunately the disfigured women didn’t turn into aliens, they became a rubix cube! They're colorful, fun to play with, entertaining and boring at the same time, sometimes depressing and sometimes too hard to figure out.

Men and women need to start revealing their true personalities, they should run around naked (this btw is a metaphor!) proud of their own character, quirks and qualities which made them the person they are, they should stop expecting each other to become something they're not and most importantly they should stop trying to please each other rather than accepting their individuality.

Men and women alike want a happy/fun life, material possession, have someone to love and cherish, a sense of accomplishment, adventures, approval and ice-cream. So instead of wasting your precious time asking meaningless questions or pretending to be something you’re not, listen to your partner because they're probably sending out signals or telling you what they want.

As Shakespeare once said 'women speak two languages- one of which is verbal', learn to communicate with your partner by listening to what she says and by reading the signs she gives, this way you will know what women want or maybe even what YOU want.


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