September 1, 2012

Men Advised Not To Wear Tight Jeans

There might be an urge amongst men of today to follow the ongoing trend of wearing tight-skin fitted jeans, but least have an idea that this fashion is actually putting them in trouble.

Medical experts as well as UK TV star Dr. Hilary Jones have warned that these jeans are hurting the most sensitive and important part of male, which also can ultimately make them infertile. They have cautioned that the jeans have a direct effect on testicles, which thus causes major testicular problems, including twist in testicles, weakness in bladder and also infection in the urinary tract.

Medical science cautions that twisted testicles is a major problem, which happens when spermatic cord does not have a free movement, thus causing a stress in testicles, which ultimately cuts off supply of blood. The condition needs to be operated immediately; else the testicle might get infected.

Nevertheless, wearing tight clothes have been directly linked to decline in sperm count and also fungal infections.

Dr. Jones have been reported to be collaborating with TENA, a maker of hygienic products for people with incontinence, on a specific project which aims at addressing people of risks they may have to face due to wearing of tight clothes.



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