September 2, 2012

Skin Foods

Unlike our body, the skin too requires special nutritional attention to keep looking fresh and healthy. Try to incorporate these foods into your diet pattern for a healthy body and skin.

• Clam chowder

• Carrot and orange soup

• Chilled mint and cucumber soup

• Spinach borscht

• Pea, mint and lettuce soup

• Parsnip and apple soup

• Smoked salmon ramekins

• Smoked mackerel pate

• Chicken liver pate

• Guacamole

• Tabbouleh

• Artichoke and avocado salad

• Tomato and tarragon vinaigrette

• Brie and porcini tart

• Apple, dolcelatte and walnut shrudel

• Radicchio and grape salad

• Chicken with melon, grapes and asparagus

• Pear and walnut salad with watercress

• Spinach and watercress roulade

• Gado gado

• Pasta vongole

• Salmon and lemon lasagne

• Smoked mackerel and spinach fishcakes

• Salmon and asparagus risotto

• Salmon and celery ledgeree

• Chicken strognoff with tarragon

• Somerset steak and cider pie

• Minted meatballs with yoghurt sauce

• Fruite compate

• Mixed fruit with butterscotch sauce

• Oranges in caramel

• Apple and fig crumble (with oat, topping)

• Cinnamon apples and plums

• Blackberry and ricotta pancakes

• Flapjacks



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