September 2, 2012

Soften Up Those Lips

As we grow older, our skin has less ability to retain moisture add to this those cold and brutal winter months and lips are the first to show dryness, chipping and flaking. It doesn’t only look obnoxious to have rough scaly lips but it also feels very irritating as lips are always taught and spiking- who wants to live with that!! Fortunately, there is always a remedy and way out from this glitch and the secret word is EXOLIATION!


Exfoliation means removing the top layer of dead tissue on the skin. For lips that means, removing the dried out and flaked layer (dead skin layer), so your fresh new layer shows for fresh new soft lips. Exfoliation is a great way to keep your lips in tip top shape. A gentle weekly exfoliation will be very beneficial to having fresh lips. It is recommended to exfoliate 2-3 times a week if lips are in need of extra care during windy winter days or even dry hot summer days. Magical Skin care tips Tantalizing Hand Massage.


You can easily exfoliate your lips with just toothbrush and a little Vaseline. Put the Vaseline on your lips and brush the lips gently in a circular motion. Be sure that you don't ingest any of the Vaseline.


Rubbing lemon juice will also exfoliate the dead skin cells from smoking, cold weather or whatever has robbed your skin of smoothness and color. Rubbing a little petroleum jelly into your lips and then rubbing gently with a wet face cloth to remove the dead skin cells. Fragrance EtiquettePromoting Healthier Body Image Just the tooth brush. To help remove flakes from dry lips, use a soft toothbrush, and gently brush across your lips.Add lip balm. After applying your lip balm, use a soft brush and gently rotate over your lips. This is easy to do in the shower, and if your lip balm isn't handy, a creamy cleanser works just as well.Coriander leaf juice. Massage your lips with coriander leaf juice for soft and rosy lips. Grind rose petals apply on lips to get smooth pink lips.Exfoliating rough skin off your lips will leave them soft, smooth and free of unsightly flakes. Always apply more lip balm when you have finished to protect and condition your smooth lips!


After you have exfoliated your lips, you won't want them to dry out any further, so be sure to stay away from things that have caused your dry flaky and chapped lips in the first place. So check out this list and see if it rings a bell· Don’t pick at your lips , you can easily give yourself a severe lip cut· Don’t use exfoliating products that dry out your lips. You can exfoliate them by simply rubbing them gently with a washcloth or soft toothbrush. · Don’t use cheap lip products andamp; cosmetics as they may contain a mass of drying ingredients · Don’t lick your lips constantly; it only makes them drier and flakier. · Don’t chew, bite or nibble on your lips, this makes your lips look peeled, pitted and scarred. They will also ache like hell. · Don’t take scorching hot showers or baths, which trigger dryness and leech moisture from the skin.· Don’t Smoke as smoking will cause severe damage to the entire mouth region, including the lips. Smoke dries out and kills healthy skin cells and can even discolor your lips and teeth. · Don’t forget your water. When your skin is hydrated from your inside, it will be easier for your lips to retain its moisture and look and feel wonderful al the time· Don’t skip your lip balm. Wear wax-based lip balms with an SPF of at least 15 during the summer and winter.

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